Hidden between lines

It is said that the task of the theater is to ask questions and open the discussion. Create space for learning and naming things. If this idea is to be fulfilled, then part of the author’s testimony must inevitably remain unspoken. It must remain hidden between the lines. The concept of the visual identity of Prague City Theaters builds on this premise and seeks its interpretation in the graphic language. It also asks why the line that unifies all graphical outputs could not simply be… just a line! Sufficiently sharp to be able to cross the text and the image. Strong enough to hide part of the message and leave room for imagination. Long enough to link the full range of planned outputs of three different scenes. And, last but not least, also playful enough to provide enough possibilities for the future use. The line represents a forward motion. And theater is a living organism full of motion.


Color bears the emotion

The visual style does not present the strict definition of corporate colors. It would be difficult to choose the right ones. Just as it is hard to define the only emotion that theater should deliver. Is it joy, sadness, laughter, tension, love? Colorful emotions demand colorful palette. The entire color spectrum. This approach is particularly noticeable for photos that are treated with the technique of the so-called duotone – a color transition of two complementary colors. So each production can bear unique set of colors, yet maintain a unified visual style across the repertoire.


Play with letters

Playful lines, colorful colors and levitating letters. After all, the theater is all about hidden meanings, emotions and… words. It has been born by them, it is hidden in them. They are respresented by the Katarine font, designed by the Czech typographer Tomas Brousil.


Realization: May 2018 (unused concept)

Logo & Visual Identity

Unrealized concept


Promotion of plays

Unrealized concept


Campaign for a New Season

Unrealized concept


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