We reveal and find the causes and context, we discover the holistic individual man.


– Institute of Holistic graphology


Institute of Holistic Graphology provides a deeper training in Graphology and its related psychotherapeutic teachings, which include Art Therapy, Graphoteraphy or Creative Writing. In addition, the Institute also organizes lectures, offers personal consulting and graphological analysis of handwriting.


During 2015, I helped this association to develop a new website and subsequently the whole corporate identity, including the new look of promotional materials.


The Symbol

Symbol of the organization is the most minimal graphical representation of everything that the Institute of Holistic Graphology represents.


The Color Palette

The color palette of the Institute has been inspired by the paintings of the Czech artist Alfons Mucha. The four main colors – the four seasons – metaphorically symbolize the stages of human life.


Visual motifs

The close-ups of writing hand of a man, a woman and a child, are being intrersected by silver lines. Those are the strings of deeper knowledge, the network of mutual ties and hidden connections.

The Iconset

The Icons of the Institute are not made of precise vector shapes, but of “imperfect” hand drawings, which remind us of individuality and uniqueness of every human writing.


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